What is Engineering Management?

In the past, the areas of engineering and management were regarded as two very different and unrelated areas. Trained specialists undertook the process and technical aspects of engineering, while a different type of person altogether, often with an unrelated background and experience, oversaw the management of an engineering business or technical processes.

Times have certainly changed; new skills and new approaches are required of a staff that has the responsibility to make the most of their hi-tech processes. The need for a new kind of manager has been heightened by the new international nature of most businesses. There is an increasing demand from customers to deal with people familiar with the technical aspects of a product and who are also experts in business management and customer relationships.

Degrees in Engineering Management

Graduates with the ability to understand both complex technological processes and the art of management are increasingly sought after in today’s industrial world. An MSc University degree in Engineering Management seeks to educate tomorrow’s managers to have a range of valuable skills. With the demand for a wide range of graduate engineers increasing internationally, more opportunities have emerged in the professional area of managing the very different processes related to modern engineering.

Is an Engineering Management degree for me?

A University degree which combines these two different academic areas is ideal if you are interested in the technical and problem-solving aspects of any kind of engineering but you don’t necessarily want to confine yourself to either a course looking at one single area or the career of an engineer. Engineering Management options are also very flexible, so they represent a good choice if your ambitions are not clearly defined quite yet.

What are the career prospects for an Engineering Management graduate?

The breadth of content in all Engineering Management MSc degrees means that there is considerable scope for career opportunities and flexibility. The good grounding in engineering allows students to qualify for most professional engineering streams should they choose this route; whereas the management content provides the opportunity for graduates to seek employment in the broad management and commercial fields. In both cases, the skills developed during the program will make you attractive to a range of employers in fields as diverse as the construction industry, finance, product development, and management consultancy.

The Engineering Management Program of TU Wien – Our Program
Our part-time MSc Program is tailor-made for small and medium-sized enterprises facing a growing and increasingly competitive market. It is designed to prepare graduates from technical and economic universities as well as participants with similar qualifications for leadership positions. The program will also be especially valuable for individuals who have already started their management careers. Also, the contents of the program are continuously updated. The topics, like New Technologies; Nano-, Femto and Ato Technology; Production Automation (Production 4.(5)0 End of life Management (EoL); Medical Technology; Research Funding; e-Business; Enterprise Systems Management; Business Applications of Internet; Technology Leadership etc. will be also included.

The first MSc Engineering Management program at TU Wien started in 1995.

Highlights of our program are:

·- More than 20 years of experience and success, more than 180 graduates,

· Master of Science Degree of TU Wien,

·- International Faculty – Universities and Industry

·- International Participants – until now from more than 31 different countries,

·- Part-time – 13 weekend modules (Friday to Tuesday), (11 Modules in Baku and 2 in Vienna),

·- According to the Bologna Convention,

·- Teaching only in English,

·- Contents updated continuously,

·- Evening lectures of distinguished guest speakers,

·- Company visits,

·- Alumni Club with regularly Club meetings for Networking.

·- Publications in Scientific medias

·- From our graduates approximately 2/3 are in (high) management positions, 1/3 founded own companies

Next Program Start in Baku: November, 2020

Application Deadline: August, 2020

Early-Bird Deadline: May, 2020


Admission Requirements

Admitted are persons holding an academic degree (e.g. BSc, MSc, Dipl.Ing.,… or equivalent) in a relevant area. Persons holding an equivalent educational and professional qualifications may also be admitted.

Selection Criteria

The selection process is highly competitive. Its goal is to register high-quality participants based on a variety of criteria that measure the candidates demonstrated abilities as students, managers and

leaders e.g. past academic experience, general intellectual ability, ability to assume responsibility and achieve measurable results, personal statement of goals, challenges, and experience, interpersonal communication skills,……:

For checking a personal interview with the Academic Program Director is required.

If you are interested in applying to MSc “Engineering Management – Baku Track”, please give us the opportunity to get to know you better.

More info under engineering.tuwien.ac.at/baku_track/

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