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Modern Azerbaijan hosts many global events and promotes research in science, technology, education, culture, politics, sports and other areas. The technology, automation and robotics are one of the hottest topics nowadays among youth and academia in the country as it happens in all around the world. Therefore, in 2016 young Azerbaijani researchers formed a group with support of senior scientists in Azerbaijan to co-operate internationally and play a role in development of those areas in the country. Within months the group formed a non-government organization and registered as a Public Union called ARAS – Azerbaijan Robotics and Automation Society Public Union.

The objectives of ARAS is to provide a medium in which Robotics, Automation and Control related people can interact, create a medium for interaction, and to act as the Azerbaijani National Member Organization for the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) and to the representatives of IFAC Technical Committees; To coordinate and Promote the practice and science of control, automation and systems engineering in Azerbaijan; to organize annual lecture promoting interest in control, automation and systems engineering, to actively support the ARAS conferences; to act as a focal point for informed  views about control, automation and systems engineering.

ARAS openly attracts into membership from professional institutions and societies with a commitment to control automation and systems engineering and does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability. Currently ARAS has more than 40 active members which this number increases drastically.

After registration ARAS started organizing lectures, joint-lectures, events and conferences on related areas. With the support of NMOs and TCs of IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) – the worlds most influential organization in the field of automation – the 18th International Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability – TECIS (Technology, Culture, and International Stability) held on 13-15 September 2018 in Baku and organized by ARAS. TECIS 2018 has got a long way since ARAS members  was started organizing the event with high enthusiasm and motivation. TECIS18 was one of the flagship events of IFAC and a unique starting conference for ARAS. The conference wias also be attended by IFAC President and Vice President of the German Research Foundation Professor Frank Allgöwer.
Over 200 articles has been submitted to TECIS by 370 co-authors representing 40+ different countries which USA, Austria, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, Kuwait, India, Hungary, Italy, France, Ireland, England and other countries are among them. Azerbaijani scientist – the members of ARAS and supporters submitted 25 % of the articles, which shows the motion in academia in those areas in the country and the support and trust in IFAC by ARAS.

It is interesting that IFAC’s first and last meeting in Baku took place on 2-6 April 1980 and organized by the National Member Organization in Soviet Union and highly supported by the local government of that times. After 38 years, the main goal to bring this prestigious international conference in Baku is to introduce new research findings in ​​technology, culture and international stability, bring together scientists and experts of industry and academia to exchange ideas and experiences. ARAS aims to not wait other decades again for the next IFAC event, but host more conferences, events and workshops in Azerbaijan in the near future.

ARAS is currently leaded by Dr. techn. Ibrahimov, and Dr. Manafaddin Namazov. Manafaddin Namazov is the Vice-rector of Baku Engineering University and researcher in control science. Mr. Ibrahimov who is an associate member of the Engineering Managers’; TUWien Club since 2014, founder of the Azerbaijan Union in Istanbul, co-creator of the Young Azerbaijani Professionals Association in Austria, co-founder of the «Panorama Journal» in Turkey and member of IFAC TC 9.5. He is currently a freelancer technology consultant – consults and is involved in different companies and start-ups in Europe; besides developing ARAS as an active IFAC NMO and a sustainable academic and research organization in Azerbaijan.

ARAS has organized professional meetings, scientific events, researches and international conferences (such as TECIS18) in the region. ARAS is nominated as the National Member Organization (NMO) of IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control)  since 2018.
Currently ARAS is running Vienna University of Technology’s exectuive postgraduate Master program – called Engineering Management MSc- Baku Track in Baku/Azerbaijan.

Robotics is a new science as well as a branch or a field of application of Engineering.

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Board Members:
  • Dr. techn. Bahadur Ibrahimov (TUWien)
  • Dr. Manafaddin Namazov (Baku Engineering University Vice-Rector)
  • Dr. Narmin Rzayeva – Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University – Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences – Control Institute
  • Abbas Alili – PhD Candidate – North Carolina State University
  • Nijat Jafarov – ARAS

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